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Carrie Cramer Fine Jewelry

Carrie Cramer Fine Jewelry creates one-of-a-kind personalized jewelry for dog and cat lovers. Each dog,  cat, horse, and unicorn silhouette necklace, composed of 14-karat gold and diamonds, is expertly handcrafted in Los Angeles by master jewelers. 

Carrie Cramer Fine Jewelry debuted its dog breed jewelry line in 2016. Inspired by her pet Schnauzer Atticus and her love of fashion and accessories, Carrie Cramer designed her high fashion pet jewelry line with the ambition to inject everyday chic and sparkle into the lives of her customers. 

Carrie says, “I wasn’t a crazy dog lady until I got Atticus. He was a gift from an ex just weeks before a messy separation. Every morning for a few months, I forced myself to get up, walk the dog, and try to be upbeat and positive for my new puppy. Years later, I am the happiest I’ve ever been, and I couldn’t have done it without Atticus. Dogs have that power to make everyone around them radiate, and that’s exactly what I hope my debut line of necklaces will do—make women shine.”

When Carrie isn’t designing necklaces for her custom pet jewelry line, she is busy with her styling career. Based in Los Angeles, Carrie Cramer is a successful stylist, dressing celebrities, musicians, and TV personalities for numerous television shows, photo shoots, red carpet events, and public appearances. With a background in fine art, a keen eye for design, and the rare ability to handcraft whatever is needed for her clients, Carrie prides herself on making all shapes and personalities shine.

Cat Pendant Necklace

From $ 195.00 - $ 275.00

Unicorn Pendant Necklace

From $ 195.00 - $ 275.00

Horse Pendant Necklace

From $ 195.00 - $ 275.00

Maltese Pendant Necklace

From $ 195.00 - $ 275.00

Pug Pendant Necklace

From $ 195.00 - $ 275.00

Bulldog Pendant Necklace

From $ 195.00 - $ 275.00

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