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How to High-Low Dress Like a Pro

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At Favery, we love the look of High-Low Fashion, which partners high-end designer items with affordable, everyday pieces, such as thrift shop finds or fast fashion items from shops like H&M or Zara.

Today’s savvy shoppers understand that being well-dressed does not mean donning the most expensive apparel. Instead, the chic and modern approach is to mix your fashion with high- and low-end pieces.

The Art of High-Low Dressing

Blogger Stephanie Lam demonstrates the art of high-low dressing by partnering our Americana Choker with her Chanel handbag. 

Fashion designer Rachel Roy says, "In today's day and age, it's not modern unless you mix it. The style icons we all love — Kate Moss, Sienna Miller — all do it and do it well, proving that it isn't the dollar amount one puts into an outfit but the amount of style and chicness that comes from within."

The art of high-low dressing adds individuality and originality to your style while taking the stress off your wallet. By mixing a range of designer pieces with less expensive items, you won’t end up looking like an ad from a magazine or a popstar wannabe. And, who doesn’t love to brag about a bargain.

Some of my favorite High-Low Fashion moments came from Sharon Stone and Jenna Lyons. Remember Sharon Stone’s amazing look at the Oscar’s when she paired a Gap button down and a Vera Wang skirt?

Or, Jenna Lyons with her demin J.crew jacket and designer skirt at the Met Gala.

These fashion statements became star-making turns.

Here are some tips and tricks to master the art of high-low dressing.

Timeless Always Wins

Find fashionable high-end pieces that are versatile and timeless. And be smart on what you spend up on. For instance, it’s unnecessary to spend up on a designer t-shirt or tank when you can buy double the amount of the same item at a fast fashion type store. Remember to shop off-season; you can always find deals on expensive cashmere, boots, and coats at the end-of-season sales.

When Going Low, Keep It Simple

Once you've selected your high-end purchases, fill in your wardrobe with lower-priced items that are your signature staples. Think about the items you tend to replace each season — jeans, tees, leggings — these can all be low. We suggest avoiding prints from fast fashion type stores, mainly because they are always recognizable, even at a safe distance. And, it will undoubtedly make you uncomfortable when you see a co-worker wearing the same item. Instead opt for items that are anonymously stylish and personalize them with unique accessories. Choose neutral colors and flattering cuts.

Remember lows tend to change and the highs stay.

As Always, Shine Bright!



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