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Anne Woodman Jewelry | A Day in the Life of Designer Anne Woodman

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For jewelry designer Anne Woodman, life in Manhattan's Upper West Side is full of inspiration. Anne takes us on a tour of her neighborhood where artistic inspiration lies around every corner. And, the best part is you never know where you'll find it.

Central Park in Spring
I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, which is really pretty on a spring morning. After dropping my daughter at school, I have to go to midtown to buy some jewelry supplies. I didn’t get my run in this morning so I decided to walk there.

Central Park is one of my favorite spots on earth. I spend half my time in Maine and nature is really important to me.
Central Park is Perfect for a Run

When I’m in New York, I run in Central Park a few times a week to get my oxygen fix. Walking through the brambles today was so green I felt like I was giving my lungs a treat. And then the pink flowers. Inspiration is everywhere!


Central Park Flowers
Breakfast at Bergdorf’s
I head down 5th Avenue and grab a classic NYC coffee from a breakfast truck (look at the everywhere!) and stop at Bergdorf Goodman.  Bergdorf's has the best windows, year round, not just during the Holiday season. It’s my favorite place to get an eyeful of the hottest trends of right now displayed as art.
Breakfast at Bergdorf Goodman
I'm particularly inspired by the below window that features jewelry by Ranjana Khan. She is one of my absolute favorite jewelry designers of all time. I’m obsessed with her work.
Designer Jewelry at Bergdorf's
met her once when we were both doing trunk shows at Henri Bendel, and she was the most beautiful and gracious woman ever. 
5th Avenue
I continue walking down 5th Avenue to Myron Toback, Inc. This is my number one place to buy gold and silver.
Myron Tpback Inc.
The company has been around for over 50 years and Mr. Myron Toback himself is often there helping out. He’s awesome, if not a bit of a flirt!
Myron Toback, Inc.
Then, it's further on down the avenue to my other favorite vendor, M & J Trimming.
M&J Trimming
This huge and colorful shop has every kind of ribbon, lace, button and fancy fixing you can imagine. Every aisle sparks creativity.
Ribbon from M&J Trimming
Take the Train
With materials in hand, it's time to head back to the Upper West Side. But, I've learned to keep an eye out for NYC is full of random surprises, like, there’s a swimming pool in Rockefeller Center. 
Rockefeller Center
As I get on the subway, I stumbled upon more inspiration, a Miro-like mobile sculpture high above the tracks. Art is everywhere in New York!
Art is Everywhere in NYC
Time for Lunch
Back on the Upper West Side, I hit my favorite lunch spot, Birdbath, for one of their famous and mouth-watering salads. I also grab a few groceries, like eggs and milk, because they sell these items directly from a farm upstate. 

Birdbath for Lunch
Back to Work
I'm finally back to my work bench aka an antique dresser desk that I absolutely love. I work out of my small apartment and the dresser can fold up to hide my mess whenever we have people over.
Anne Woodman's Workbench
Today I’m finishing an order of headbands for a store in Virginia. The headbands are inspired by my daughter who even helps in the design process. 
Anne Woodman Headbands
The Best Part
It's time for school pick up and the best part of my day, seeing my happy kid.
Anne Woodman
After a snack and homework, we walk to the post office to mail off the headband order. 
Anne Woodman
What can I say, life is good and full.
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As Always, Shine Bright!


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