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Lariat Necklaces Are Having a Moment

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So, when did lariat necklaces suddenly become “it” girl chic? I can’t pinpoint the exact timing, but I can tell you that I’m seeing lariats everywhere and I’m surprised by how much I’m into it.

Trisha Lariat Necklace


Having lost all traces of its western origin, today’s lariats have been reimagined into smart, sexy contemporary designs, coming in all shapes and sizes.

For those scratching their heads in bewilderment, a lariat necklace, as described by Wikipedia, is “a long variation on the rope, without a clasp, often worn draped multiple times around the neck. The necklace ends can be crossed over, looped, or knotted in various ways. This type of necklace sometimes incorporates a loop at one or both ends to allow it to be worn in the style of a lasso, or it may be worn doubled over with the ends passed through the loop formed in the middle.”

Lariat Necklaces

With minimalist jewelry having its moment, dainty lariat necklaces have become increasingly popular. Most often delicate and low-hanging (think cleavage or lower), the rope-like lariat necklace is worn looped around the neck with the ends knotted together as a clasp. Great, fresh designs abound with vertical pendants or gemstones dangling off the barely-there chains. These delicate lariats are versatile and as, Instagram shows us, can be styled alone or layered with your favorite necklaces.

Kemala Lariat

For those who prefer a bolder look, designers are reinterpreting 70s glam and fabricating lariats with chunkier chains and embellished with gemstones. These lariats are statement-making and meant to be worn alone.

Pearl Lariat Necklace

Whether worn alone or layered, lariats are decidedly unfussy and effortlessly chic. I’m embracing the trend, are you?

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